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Pico Iyer on Love, Life and Mortality

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Pico Iyer on Love, Life and Mortality in Vancouver

Event Type: Entertainment Event

Pico Iyer on Love, Life and Mortality

The literary genius on the things that matter most

"An exquisite personal blend of philosophy and engagement, inner quiet and worldly life." - The Los Angeles Times
What does it mean to be alive? And how do we hold onto the beings we love, even though we know we and they must come to an end one day?

Thinker, writer, and world-traveller TED favourite Pico Iyer has spent his life answering the great questions of humankind. Pico, a friend and biographer of the Dalai Lama, has the gift of finding and cultivating stillness in the whirlwind of our times. His landmark TED talk on the art of stillness reminds us that true wisdom lies not in knowing everything, but learning to accept and find beauty in how little we can truly know.

With his latest book 'Autumn Light', Pico brings us a lyrical mediation on the impermanence of life. Following the unexpected death of his Japanese father-in-law, Pico undertakes a life-affirming investigation into the human condition, inspired by the wisdom of the cultural traditions of his adopted country of Japan.

With this book and this talk, Pico reminds us never to take the people and things we hold dear for granted.


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Event Information: Pico Iyer on Love, Life and Mortality

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