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Opening Party Paradox

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Opening Party Paradox

by Indian Summer Arts Society in Vancouver

Event Type: Community Event

7/4/2024 - 7/4/2024 

Admission : $110.88


Indian Summer Festival likes to get started with a bang: its Opening Party is the stuff of legend, filled with art of all kinds. - STIR

Step into the vibrant Jharokha Garden', where the extraordinary unfolds and everything glitters, especially the crowd. This year's Indian Summer Festival kicks off with the spectacular PARADOX Opening Party, your moment to bask in fun and fancy.


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Event Information: Opening Party Paradox by Indian Summer Arts Society

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When & Where

Start Date : 7/4/2024
End Date : 7/4/2024
Start Time : 7:00:00 PM
Venue : Performance Works
Address : 1218 Cartwright Street Vancouver
 Vancouver , BC 6H 3R8
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About Organizer

Host : Indian Summer Arts Society
Call : 604-283-9172

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To all of us at Indian Summer, the festival really is a model for the kind of society we'd like to see. A society that is creative, diverse, inclusive and innovative. As the world builds more and more walls and as societies get suspicious and afraid of people who don't look like them and think like them, we believe in the transformative power of the arts and the festival is our way of reaffirming these beliefs.Our programming is rigorous and quirky with an appetite for experimentation, deep thinking, and curiosity. We see artists as important voices in the larger community, allowing us to step into the worlds they create, while also addressing the pressing questions of the one we inhabit. We offer a model for dialogue, a possibility for an inclusive community that is unafraid of striking up conversations - both cheerful and difficult.The festival's byline, 'Where Worlds Meet,' speaks to our focus on artistic collaboration. We create what we like to call 'good friction' by looking beyond the easy middle ground in order to foster true curatorial risk-taking. Our approach also includes unusual pairings of the local with the international, traditional with contemporary, and unexpected genres coming together.Indian Summer Arts Society (ISAS) is a Vancouver-based not-for-profit secular arts organization and registered charity.