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My Life Partner (Malayalam)
My Life Partner which deals with the deep and intricate emotional relationship between two men. [more]

Ramanujan (Tamil)
The story of "Ramanujan" can be found in almost every Indian household. It's not the story of a genius, but one about how we treat a genius, how we want to change a genius into an ordinary man, how we expect a genius to be jack of all trades; master of none, how we want to prove that a genius is equivalent to being crazy and how we fail to celebrate a genius. [more]

Velaiyilla Pattadhari (Tamil)
In one of the scenes in Dhanush's "Vella Illa Pattathari" (VIP), his 25th film, he lets a large group of henchmen beat him to pulp because his mother once tied a red thread on his hand and as long he has it on him, he's not supposed to get into a fight with anyone. [more]

Finding Fanny
A quirky comedy on a road trip taken by five oddball characters in the winding paths of Goa! The five set off on a road trip in search of an old postman's (Naseeruddin Shah) childhood love, Stefanie "Fanny" Fernandes (Anjali Patil), though nobody knows whether she's alive or dead or just a figment of someone's imagination. [more]

Saivam (Tamil)
Vijay's "Saivam" has a lot going for it right from its title, in which the alphabet I is highlighted by a green mark usually used to differentiate between non-vegetarian and vegetarian products. Even though it addresses vegetarianism as a subject, but at heart it's a family drama filled with superstitions, familial disputes, teenage romance and culturally diverse ideologies. [more]

Dipak has a fear of speaking English. [more]

Shivani Shivaji Roy is an astute cop working in a Mumbai Crime Branch unit. Deft at picking up hidden clues and fearless in confronting hardened criminals, Shivani stumbles into the world of debauchery, cruel desires and exploitation and onto a case that will change her life forever. [more]

Indrudu (Telugu)
n Thiru's "Indrudu", the Telugu dubbed version of Tamil film 'Naan Sigappu Manithan', neither do you have a hero to cheer for (because he's asleep mostly as he suffers from a rare sleep disorder) nor a typical villain. [more]

Every mentor wants his or her pupil to succeed and I'm sure filmmaker Venkat Prabhu would've expected this from Saravana Rajan, who may be a newcomer but knows how to play his cards. [more]

John Paul Vaathil Thurakkunnu (Malayalam)
John Paul Vaathil Thurakkunnu (JPVT) is an upcoming Malayalam Feature Film of 2014. [more]

Apothecary (Malayalam)
What happens when one falls victim of his own deeds?Apothecary, a medical thriller, is set in the backdrop of a modern day, up market hospital and is a journey of dreams, greed, remorse and redemption. [more]

Hi I`m Tony (Malayalam)
After last years debut successful movie "Honey Bee", director Lal Jr's next movie "Hi I'm Tony" Malayalam movie. [more]

Amit Sahni Ki List
Amit Sahni (Vir Das) is a young and quirky investment banker, who is searching for the woman of his dreams, correction- the woman of his LIST. [more]

Bobby Jasoos
Bobby Jasoos starring Vidya Balan, is a film that celebrates the aspiration of Bobby, who wants to become the number one detective in the old city area of Hyderabad. [more]

Chaarfutiya Chhokare
The plot of the movie revolves around Neha Malini (Soha), who is an NRI girl returning to India in order to start a school in a village in north Bihar. [more]

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